mardi 27 août 2013

20 Things About Me You Probably Didn’t Know

earlier this week I was looking I was looking on my facebook newsfeed and the lovely Chandi from
expression fiber arts post a 20 things about me you probably didn't know and I tough I was a great idea to share some fun facts with you!

1. I'm a dreamer: I am really my mind go away really easily day dreaming

2. Coffee addiction: ok that's an easy one but you have no idea its not like I need to drink ALOT of it but I need it to start my day I get headache if I don't drink any

3. Happy taught: I believe that to be happy you have to be positive you cant be happy in seeing all negative around you

4. shy?: I'm a shy person that's why I wont start a conversation I'm not anti-social I'm just very VERY shy

5. Bathroom product: this is something I try to control myself I can't just have one body wash or on shampoo I need to have different same thing for face product I currently have 3 different face wash

6. sensitive: I'm a sensitive person especially if someone is sad or cry it will get me I can watch cartoon and if the scene is sad I might cry or I'll have to go away cause I know it will make me cry

7. overly cute thing: I just can't resist I'll admit I'm a child at heart just for an example  my cell phone wallpaper and msg alarm is Pikachu

8. I don't have a favorite color: I love purple yeah but I cant say that I can commit to only one favorite color I depend on my mood or the season....

9. Spiders: I hate... killing them I always bad after killing one

10. Hair: my hair care routine is wash and brush... I really suck at doing my hair I don't even blow dry them I just let them dry by their self

11. life: I believe that everything that happened in my life was meant to be everything I go through is for a reason

12. Farm: I always dreamed to have my own farm

13. Lake: I don't feel safe swimming in a lake especially if I don't see the bottom I so scared that something will grab me

14. weird dreams: my dreams I always weird sometimes its scared me that my brain can imagine that

15. Animals: I'm more comfortable with animals than with humans animals don't judge you

16. Summer: I don't really like summer I hate being sweaty from just walking I hate heat weave i get grumpy when its too hot

17. Reese's: is my favorite candy bar I'm in love with PB and chocolate

18. Mascot: I'm scared of them not knowing who's inside the costume....

19. In bed...: I can't sleep if my feet are uncover no matter how hot it can get my feet need to be cover

20. wine/beer: I like beer more than wine

so here's my 20 things about me you probably didn't know hope you enjoy it let me know about you in the comments below i would love to get to know you <3

see you next time

mardi 13 août 2013

Hot air balloon festival

Hey friend

Saturday we went to an annual festival held in the city we live kids
 love it mainly for these

they spent most of the day in these structure running around having fun

but at a certain point of the day we had to stop them for lunch

then hubby wanted to try a "driving simulator" or something like that I was happy to get comfy couch
while we waited for him

then we went to do a bunch of activity we try an ooowy goooowy stuff kids love it
and its quite simple to do at home just mixt  equal part of corn starch and water and it will make a weird paste you can add food coloring if you wish

after we let the kids play a bit more

so after that it was time for the hot air balloon

this is the balloon some are from the U.S some from France and Europe even from Brazil

We're waiting and getting a little refreshment

and then THE moment arrive

balloon are starting to lift off

look at her face

 tuxedo balloon Sir Prize from New Jersey


and then the special form balloon

this is Scuba diver from Brazil

Pea-Nut from Pennsylvania

behind Scuba we can see Fire hydrant from New York

Miss Daisy from south Carolina

I think they had fun they we're so tired when we got home
speaking of home this is the view we have every evening of the week



ok see you next time friend

mercredi 7 août 2013

Not your average stripe scarf

Hi friends so its already august summer fly so fast  and I know I've been lacking on posting stuff here.....sowrry ;)

since summer is coming to an end... I've started on doing warmer stuff like hats and scarfs most of them are simple scarf but with cool effect like this one

here I just work in SC in back loop and the self stripping yarn did the rest

and that one

again SC except this yarn had little "pompom" I just placed them to create stripe on both side

so one day I decided to do a stripe scarf

so I began

......and then I had too much coffee lol

so you'll need 2 color of worsted weight yarn I used "favorite" from ice yan
4 mm hook
yarn needle
colors will be revered as color A and color B
at every color change join new color in last st

Start with A

CH 22

Row 1: HDC in third chain from hook, HDC all around (20 HDC)
Row 2: CH 2, HDC around (20 HDC)
Row 3: CH 1, SC in next 5 ST, HDC in next 5 ST, DC in next 5 ST, DTR in next 5 ST
change for B
Row 4: CH 1, SC in next 5 DTR, HDC in next 5 DC, DC in next 5 HDC, DTR in next 5 SC
Row 5: CH 2, HDC all around
change for A
Row 6: CH 2, HDC all around
Row 7: SC in next 5 ST, HDC in next 5 ST, DC in next 5 ST, DTR in next 5 ST
change for B
Row 8: CH 1, SC in the next 5 DTR, HDC in the next 5 DC, DC in the next 5 HDC, DTR in the next 5 SC
Row 9: CH 2, HDC all around
continue like this till you get row 33
now cut yarn and weave in all ends
and repeat this to have 2 pieces like this

lets start the middle part

with A

CH 102

Row 1: HDC in third chain from hook, HDC all around ( 100 HDC)

with B

Row 2: CH 1, SC in next 5 ST, HDC in next 5 ST, DC in next 5 ST, DTR in next 5 ST, DC in next 5 ST, HDC in next 5 ST, SC in the next 5 ST, alternate the this till you get to the end of the row

with A

Row 3:  CH 3, DTR in next 5 ST, DC in next 5 ST, HDC in next 5 ST, SC in next 5 ST, HDC in next 5 ST, DC in next 5 ST, DTR in next 5 ST, continue to alternate the stitch till you get to the end of the row

continue till you get to row 8

Row 9: CH 2, HDC all around

cut yarn weave in all ends and join with the 2 pieces like this

and there you have it have fun with the stripe!

that's all for this time see you next time